Fundraising Initiative Results

I am very happy to announce that I completed the 1st 42.195 km run last Sunday and raised a total of ¥327,842 for Lao Children Scholarship in collaboration with 37 supporters all around the world.

Thank you to all of the supporters!

Photo captions (from left to right): River Shimanto; running along the river with sakura in bloom...I am heading with 4 guys behind me!!!; running uphill at 33 km; changing shoes at 33 km; dead runner after making it to the goal.

~~~List of supporters~~~
Christian Leo Sweden
Lydia Mitchell Hong Kong
Liliana Morales Mexico
Lara Ocho Japan
平原弘美 Japan
伊藤タマキ Japan
徳江由紀子 Thailand
Alan Lui Hong Kong
馬淵沙織 Japan
住田康人 Japan
高橋知子 Japan
波多野泰史 Japan
Susi Skomal USA
Vani Sarker USA
Henry Hsu Equador
Robert Magyer Japan
山田大介 Japan
梅田昌子 Japan
近藤哲史 Japan
大竹明子 Japan
やりやまよりこ Japan
Ginger Belonia Japan
和田 弘子 Japan
笠間 㓛子 Japan
Sylvia, Alok and Nazneen UK
Benjamin Young Japan
Meghan Barstow Japan
Steve Rife Japan
Crystal Behilo Japan
Suzy Taira Japan
Makoto Hamada Japan
草野 恵美子 Japan
Jason Kueh USA