Photo Album Part 1: People's Portrait on the Road...

重い腰を上げてようやく5000枚以上に及ぶ写真の整理に取り組み始め、良く撮れている写真を選び出して編集、現像しました。第一弾は、“旅で出会った人々”がテーマ。以下のウェブアルバムにもファイルを 掲載したので興味があればご覧ください。なおこのサイトは、写真のキャプションに実名を使っているため、パスワード保護されています。アクセスには、以下のアカウント情報の入力が必要です。


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Finally, I compiled some photos from the trip. The first album is pictures of the people I met on the road. This includes old friends, new friends, and some random strangers.


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Username: sayakaphotos
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Secret trip to Hong Kong...

Off the top of our heads, J and I decided spontaneously to make a trip to Hong Kong over weekend to make a surprise party for our dear friend L's 40th birthday....so I took an 1.5 hr flight from Taipei to HK...

Shhhh...we gonna knock on the door now....

""SUUURPRISEEEE!!!! Happy Birthday!""
"What? What??"
(Blurry...what a bad photographer :-(

Kisses! Kisses!

Mission completed!

Happy international couple, H and L

Happy international friends, J and me. Four of us had a fabulous dinner (accompanied by a special vintage wine delivered all the way from Hokkaido!!) at a posh restaurant in HK - one of the memorable nights to be cherished!

Taiwan: Photo Report

Finally made it to a country of warmth, hospitality...and excellent food!!!

Downtown, Taipei

Cheering friend's swiss boyfriend, who was running 50 km off road marathon near Taipei

Cheers! After my friend's bf completing 50 km marathon....with fresh green tea...yes, NOT beer. sadly.

The Grand Hotel, Taipei

The Grand Hotel, Taipei...yes, this is really GRAND!!

The National Palace Museum, Taipei - amazing collections!

Shilin night market, Taipei. I am not rich enough to buy "cheap".

While some people meditate....

Others go crazy for karaoke!

Taiwanese "shabu shabu" - yum!


Taiwan bound....(RTW Appendix)

While I am still far behind with updating my blog, I am heading to Taiwan from tomorrow for about one week to visit someone I became friends with in Stockholm.

Yes, my RTW trip is not quite ended and life is good. :-)