Black Gold (Documentary)

Ever time I pay 330 yen for a tall cup of cappucino or cafe late at Starbucks, have I ever thought about how much money goes to coffee farmers in Africa or South America? No, not really, well sometimes...but not so often until I saw this film yesterday.

The anwer is 3-9 yen...out of 330 yen. The farmers are exploited.

This is a documentary film about coffee and an Ethiopian man who has been trying to rectify the coffee distribution system which put me think and feel that I should stay away from Starbucks or other major commodity until I find good causes or their CSR. Yes, it is all about "fair trade" we all need to be aware...

http://www.blackgoldmovie.com/ (Original website in English)
http://www.uplink.co.jp/oishiicoffee/ (Japanese)


フルマヤ図書館プロジェクト (Fulmaya Library Project)

I am planning to launch a library project in Nepal and going to make some post about it soon on my blog....